We are the exclusive Korean distributors for the following product lines...

Instruments, Effects & Cables

Cole Clark Guitars
The best guitars made from down under.

Mike Lull
Custom Guitars
The best playing and sounding instruments in the works

RipTide Ukeleles
Innovative, exciting and different ukes that rock!

Boulder Creek Guitars
Guitars that have restarted the stalled evolution of the acoustic guitar

Diamond Pedals
The cleanest high quality pedals you'll ever find!

Haev yiou tried the best cables on this planet?

Van Zandt Pickups
The tradition and the legacy continues with Van Zandt pickups

Proco Sound
Rat pedals & Proco cables make you the best on stage!

Electro Harmonix
The proof is in the pedals..!



Black Diamond Strings
Home of the sensational Black Coated Strings

Cleartone Strings
Cleartone is the next evoluion of guitar strings!

Curt Mangan Strings
Curt Mangan™ Fusion Matched™ Strings are "The Best Strings!

Everly Music
Using the most advanced string-winding technology on the plane

Newtone Strings
THe best handmade strings in the world. Doesn't your guitar deserve them?

Percussion, Accessories & Care Products

Get'm Get'm Straps
Are you bad enough to strap one on? They're simply awesome!

Ducks Deluxe
The ultimate Organic cleaning-polishing-moisturizing formula.

Frequency-balanced protection for your most valuable resource

John Pearse

"Music really does make the world a better place!!!"

Wedgie Products
Innovative Accessories for serious players

Los Cabos Drumsticks
Made in Canada, made for players!

Hamilton Stands

Innovative stands that look good and last forever!

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